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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (Click on the question to jump down to the answer)

How do I determine what division my player fits into?

  1. Refer to the age chart below to find out your players age for the 2016 season
  2. Please see the divisions page for more information on each division including ages, cost and player requirements
  3. Parents requesting a player to be in a different division MUST petition the Pleasant Hill Little League Board. For questions, send an e-mail to


Back to the top Everything I see says baseball. Is it boys only or can girls play?

  1. While the game we play IS baseball, every level of play in Pleasant Hill Little League is fully coed.
  2. The majority of our female players will play Bam Bam, Tee-Ball and maybe some PeeWee with us before deciding to no longer play or to play softball instead.
  3. However, during the 2015 season we had 2 female players play at our Minor level and both of them made the all-star team.
  4. Little League Baseball has continued to see an increase in female players , one of the most famous was Mo’ne Davis who pitched in the 2014 Little League World Series.
    1. Little League International has an article you can read as well if you are interested: The 18 girls who have made Little League Baseball World Series History
  5. We encourage any player who wants to play to sign up for baseball.

Back to the top How much is the 2018 season registration?

  • Below are the prices for registration:

Back to the top Is there a discount for more than one player signing up?

  1. We do offer a tiered pricing system to accommodate the cost of having more than one player playing with us
    1. $10.00 off of the second player you sign up
    2. $20.00 off of the third player you sign up
    3. $30.00 off of the fourth player you sign up
    4. $40.00 off of the fifth player you sign up
Division NameAgesEarly Registration Cost (01/01 - 01/15)Regular Registration Cost (01/16 - 02/15)
Bam Bam3-4 Years Old$50.00$50.00
Tee Ball4-6 Years Old$70.00$80.00
Pee Wee6-8 Years Old$80.00$90.00
Minor9-10 Years Old$90.00$100.00
Major11-12 Years Old$90.00$100.00
50/70 Intermediate11-13 Years Old$100.00$110.00
Junior13-14 Years Old$100.00$110.00
Senior15-16 Years Old$100.00$110.00
  1. We also have a family maximum cost (see below)

Back to the top Is there a maximum fee per family?

  • The family maximum is $250

Back to the top What does the Registration fee cover?

  • Registration fee covers a hat, a shirt with the players last name on the back and a trophy at closing ceremonies. It also covers field usage for all regular season games and extra tournament games at the end of the season.

Back to the top What are we responsible for?

  1. Please see the division page and click on your division for the requirements at each level

Back to the top What about the fundraiser?

  • In past seasons, Pleasant Hill Little League has offered a $30 fundraiser, or a $20 buyout option. Considering the large majority of our players have exercised the buyout option, we have eliminated the fundraiser and move to a flat rate registration fee

Back to the top What is concession stand duty and why do I have to volunteer?

  1. Pleasant Hill Little League is a 100% volunteer organization.  Therefore to be able to have a concession stand at the ball park, we need parents to work in the concession stand.
  2. Concession stand duty consists of 1 – 2 turns in the concession stand.  The schedule will not be finalized until sometime in mid to late April.
  3. Each turn will be approximately 3 hours as follows:  Week nights 5:30 – 8:30ish, Saturdays 8:30 – 11:30ish and Saturdays 11:30 – 2:30ish.
  4. You will be in the concession stand with other parents and/or board members. You will be given instruction on how to work the register and how to prepare the food items.  Many parents actually enjoy the kid free time to socialize with other baseball parents.
  5. You will have an opportunity to pick the time you would like to volunteer when you register your player or anytime before midnight on March 31st.  If you do not pick your time one will be assigned to you.
  6. Once you have been assigned a time, you will be responsible for finding a replacement to work your shift or for paying the no-show buy out fee.

Back to the top What if I do not want to volunteer or am unable to volunteer?

  1. We do offer a buy out fee:
    1. The fee is $45.00 per player ($75.00 maximum) in addition to all other fees paid at the time of registration.
    2. This fee must be paid before midnight on March 31st
    3. This fee is what we use to pay the concession stand workers that we have to hire to work the shifts that you are unwilling or unable to work.
  2. If you do not sign up and pay the fee before midnight on March 31st you will be assessed a late buy out and/or no show buy out fee:
    1. This fee is $50.00 per concession stand duty that is assigned to you and there is no maximum
    2. Once we have gone to the trouble to create a concession stand schedule it is very hard to try to fill empty spots left open by people who just decide oh, that is too much work I want to buy out or when someone just doesn’t show up
    3. We understand that emergencies happen and we are not referring to those situations

Back to the top How do I become a coach?

Back to the top How do I register? In Person or Online?

  1. You can register online (click here)
  2. You can register in person at the Pleasant Hill Library (5151 Maple Dr, Pleasant Hill, IA 50327):
    1. TBD
  3.  Call Heather Byers – 515-240-7111 and register over the phone

Back to the top Does a player need to live in Pleasant Hill to play at the Pleasant Hill Little League?

  • Our official Little League boundaries include Pleasant Hill, Altoona, Mitchellville, Runnells and parts of east Des Moines.  This includes players that live within these boundaries and also players that attend schools that are within these boundaries.  You can find a map of those boundaries by clicking here.  Only those who live within Pleasant Hill Little League’s boundaries will be eligible to try out for participation in post season All Star play. For regular season, please contact a board member to discuss your specific situation if your player is outside of the official boundaries, but you still desire for them to play in Pleasant Hill Little League. District map’s for the Des Moines and surrounding areas can be viewed by clicking here.

Back to the top When are tryouts, and does my player need to participate?

  • Registered players are not required to participate in Try-outs to be placed on a team. If required Try-outs will be March 10th at 10:00 AM.  The place is to be announced.

Back to the top When are your games/practices?

  1. Most of our games are twice a week Monday thru Thursday at 6:00. Depending on the number of players and the number of teams at each level there may also be Friday games at 6:00 and there may also be Saturday games between 9:00 AM and 2:00 PM.  Your players team and level will determine which two days they play each week.
  2. Practices are also twice a week before the season starts (again, determined once everyone is registered by number of players, number of teams at each level and which team your player is on) and then for Pee Wee and above at the coaches discretion after games begin.
  3. As a GENERAL rule, the divisions have games as follows (please keep in mind this is only a guideline and games can be on any day M-F and Sat depending on the total number of players signed up and field availability):
    1. Senior – Mon, Wed, Fri
    2. Junior – Mon, Wed, Thurs
    3. Intermediate (50/70) – Tues, Fri
    4. Major – Mon, Wed
    5. Minor – Tues, Thurs
    6. PeeWee – Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat
    7. Tee-Ball – Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sat (with some Mon & Wed games)
    8. Bam Bam – Mon, Wed, Sat (with some possible Tues & Thurs games)

Back to the top When does the schedule come out? (i.e. I want to sign up but I want to make sure my player doesn’t play on a certain night)

  • This is a question we get a lot and unfortunately a hard one to answer.  None of our schedules are finalized until well after registration has closed.  The reason for this is because the schedule is entirely dependent on the number of kids we have registered and the field availability and schedules of other leagues that we interleague with. For Tee Ball, last year there were teams that played all five week nights and on Saturdays. You can see above for the general nights that each division plays and you can request not to play on a certain day when you register but there is never a guarantee when we are juggling this many pieces.

We hope you will give it a shot and see how it works out! We would love to have your player play with us!! Back to the top When does your season start?

  • Senior and Junior teams usually start playing around the 1st of April (weather permitting), Pee Wee, Minor, Intermediate 50/70 and Majors usually start playing the second week of April (weather permitting) and Bam Bam and Tee ball usually start in late April to early May (again weather permitting).

Back to the top Where do you play your games?

  1. Our home field is Doanes Park in Pleasant Hill, IA. All home games will be played there.
  2. Please see our Fields page for the addresses of all of our away games.

Back to the top Is there traveling involved in playing for Pleasant Hill Little League?

  • Bam Bam does not travel. All games are at home. Tee Ball will travel to Mitchellville, Four Mile and Runnells.  Pee Wee through Senior teams do have some additional travel but it is usually limited to within the Des Moines Metro Area, Runnells, Mitchellville, Prairie City, etc.

Back to the top How do I stay up to date on important Pleasant Hill Little League information

Back to the top How do I learn about the Rules for Little League Baseball

  1. Pleasant Hill Little League uses the current version of the Little League Baseball Official Regulations and Playing Rules. A copy of the Pleasant Hill Little League Supplemental Rules can be viewed by clicking here.
  2. All coaches and board members are furnished a copy of the official rule book. They are also available for purchase from Little League’s online store at
  3. Sup rules are subject to change by the PHLL board.

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