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Please click on the name of the division you want more information about to be taken to the page for that division (please consult the table below to determine your player’s league age for the season):

Division NameAgesEarly Registration Cost (01/01 - 01/15)Regular Registration Cost (01/16 - 02/15)
Bam Bam3-4 Years Old$50.00$50.00
Tee Ball4-6 Years Old$70.00$80.00
Pee Wee6-8 Years Old$80.00$90.00
Minor9-10 Years Old$90.00$100.00
Major11-12 Years Old$90.00$100.00
50/70 Intermediate11-13 Years Old$100.00$110.00
Junior13-14 Years Old$100.00$110.00
Senior15-16 Years Old$100.00$110.00
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