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Bam Bam is a basic introduction to baseball.  It is for kids ages 3 – 5 years old who need a basic introduction to the game.  The ball is hit off of a tee the same as it is in tee ball using the same bat that is used for tee ball.  The ball, is similar in size to a softball and similar in feel to an oversized tennis ball.  The kids bat and run the bases and the parents are asked to stand out in the field to give them direction and help them stay on base and know when to run.


A tee shirt and hat will be provided.  Players can wear sweatpants or baseball pants.  Players can wear regular tennis shoes or cleats.  (Plastic spikes only)


Players need to have a glove.  Pleasant Hill Little League will provide the tees, the balls and the bats.  Also, because of safety regulations Pleasant Hill Little League is required to provide batting helmets but if your player would like to bring their own for hygiene or other reasons they are certainly welcome to do so.

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